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Weed Warrior® EZ Lock Head

The Weed Warrior® EZ Lock trimmer head is simple to load and has excellent cutting power. Just bend the line strip in half and lock into place! The two folded ends align in flight resulting in improved cutting performance!
  • Patented pendulum line locking system allows for 3 second line changes!!!
  • Holds two line strips which double over creating 4 cutting lines
  • Fits 99% of all gas trimmers
  • .095" diameter trimmer line recommended

View the Product Support page for help with installation

  • Cutting and trimming heavy grass and weeds
  • Edging heavy grass around driveways and other obstacles
  • EZ Lock trimmer head
  • 19 piece adaptor kit
  • 6 .095" diameter long trimmer line strips
  • Installation instructions